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Petition for Official "Meat Free Monday"

When you visit the Meatless/Mooless Monday page on FaceBook, you're automatically directed to the "Notes" tab, where you can read my posts.

But if you click on the "Wall" tab, you'll see occasional comments from "fans" of the page. They're always interesting (and always appreciated!), but recently a couple really stood out. These have to do with petitions to governments to establish official "'veggie' only days."

I urge you to visit this FaceBook group, become a member, then go sign the petition for your country. (Leron Rabinowiz posted the link; Stephen Ma also stopped by to promote the Taiwan petition. Thanks, guys!)

This is huge, friends; the petition page for the U.S. lays out the many reasons to promote "Meat Free Monday" (as they call it). Read it; think about it; but most of all, sign it.

(If you're not on FaceBook, you can go directly to the global website.)

And Live and Let Live.

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