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Mega-Meatless Monday Resource

I'm just a guy with a blog--well, actually, several blogs. I can't compete with the big boys.

But this isn't a competition. Veg campaigning is by its very nature cooperative. So let me tell you about a big, wonderful site that I hope you'll all join.

The Meatless Monday site is a cooperative effort of several major health educators.

Sign up for the newsletter (I did). Recipes, health information, and even "fun prizes" can all be had at

Here's their own overview:

Visit the homepage, where we link to Meatless Monday recipes, articles, and more.

Meal Planning - explore this week's recipes, celebrity recipes, Give it a Try and Did You Know archives, and much more.

Health & Nutrition - with this week's top news story, a new chart every week, and links to health and nutrition resources

Outreach & Action - learn about how you can bring the Meatless Monday Campaign to your school, workplace, or community.

Explore archived versions of our weekly e-newsletter, Eater's Digest. Or, if you haven't yet, subscribe!

Learn more About Us by reading our Frequently Asked Questions, exploring our newsroom, and meeting our Advisory Board.

Enter this week's Promotion for a chance to win fun prizes.

Check out Chili Monday, one of our most successful outreach programs. Learn all the chili terms and try out some meatless recipes.

(You'll see this same overview on the "Thank You" page after you sign up.)

Until next time, Live and Let Live.


  1. Hey James-

    Joey here, from Meatless Monday (the, to which you so kindly refer as a MegaCampaign.) Unfortunutely your post above was written right before we came out with the new, improved, redesigned site. I encourage you to check it out, make comments, rate articles, pledge to join the Meatless Monday movement etc.

    I also just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for creating this blog to focus on our campaign (or a similar campaign you have created.) I'm glad Christina told you about us. I've been in some email communication with her over the last few months. I love that she hosts her Meatless Monday link parties.

    Many foodie bloggers (including Christina) think it's fun to do weekly Meatless Monday posts. I see in your more recent posts you're thinking about starting that up regularly also. Feel free to use any of the recipes from our site or your own (either works.) Many bloggers like to post the recipe along with pictures or stories or videos of how that meatless recipe came to be.

    Do you think this might be something you would be interested in doing? I'd love to be in more direct communication with you so if you're interested in doing regular Meatless Monday posts, please email me at

    Happy Monday,

    Joey Lee
    Executive Assistant
    Meatless Monday

  2. Hi, Joey!

    Sorry, I just found your comment (I hadn't turned on "Comment Notification" yet--oops). I'm traveling right now, in California for a couple of weeks. But when I'm back home in China, I'll get in touch.

    Thanks again, and thanks for all that the team at Meatless Monday is doing.


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